The Patristic Text Archive (PTA): How to build a platform for critical digital editions of ancient Christian texts

XIX. International Conference on Patristic Studies


The Patristic Text Archive (PTA, is primarily the new platform for the critical editions produced in the project “Die alexandrinische und antiochenische Bibelexegese in der Spätantike” and thus at the same time the continuation or rather expansion of the time-honoured edition series “Die griechischen christlichen Schriftsteller (GCS)” in the digital space; therefore, it is also open for critical editions produced by other projects. Other than previous digital collections of ancient (Christian) texts, the PTA provides the user with the critically reconstructed text together with the manuscript transcriptions on which the text reconstruction is based (where available digital images of the manuscripts can also be accessed). The editions cannot only be accessed via their authors or work titles, but also via a manuscript database and several indices (biblical and other quotations, persons, groups, places). Furthermore, the archive is not limited to one language of the tradition, and is also open to translations of the editions into modern languages. Most importantly, all data is available in open access for subsequent use also beyond the user interface of the PTA. In my paper, I'd like to discuss, how the PTA is built and how in combination and cooperation with other projects and tools it could be a valuable reservoir for Patristic studies in the 21st century.